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Cambodia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with GDP growth at the rate of 7.1% between 2011 and 2016. High economic growth performance of the country coupled with stable macro-economy, open and market-oriented regime, geostrategic location in the ASEAN region provides the right platform for investors to venture into Cambodia and subsequently, ASEAN, a regional market with GDP of USD 2.5 trillion and 622 million people.

According to the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) the country's garment and footwear exports recorded double-digit growth in the first half of the current financial year-2018 (+11%).According to the latest edition of the World Footwear Year book, in 2017 Cambodia produced 129 million pairs of shoes and exported 109 million pairs. Main destination markets for made in Cambodia footwear are: the US (16% of total exports value), followed by Japan (12%), Germany and the UK (both with a 9% share) and Canada (6%). Total Cambodia's exports of footwear in 2017 reached 1.718 billion US dollars, making the country the 14th largest exporter of footwear.

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